Why is it important to consider a comprehensive home inspection – by a proven, industry leading inspector – before putting in an offer on a property?

Buying a home is, for many, the biggest and most thrilling purchase that you will make in your life. Size, location, neighborhood, and personality all play into the final decision, and it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of house shopping and starting your new life. However, you must be cautious that this excitement does not overshadow the necessary steps to ensuring that your dream home lives up to your expectations.

Over eighty five percent of current U.S. homes were built prior to the year 2000, and nearly twenty three percent of these homes were built during the 1950s and 1960s. Many of these character-filled historical houses can be found in the Midwest and, while they have stood the test of time structurally, the excitable buyer’s eye may not notice some of their underlying issues. Every home has its secrets, and by hiring a St. Louis home inspector you can ensure that any of the bad secrets are exposed before deciding to make that initial down payment on your new home.

Home inspections provide potential buyers with invaluable insight and information regarding the overall state of a home as well as allowing them to gauge the quality and condition of their potential investment. A good home inspector will offer a comprehensive examination of otherwise hidden attributes such as wiring, plumbing, insulation, ventilation, roofing, and the structural features of a home that may have gone unnoticed by you as a buyer.

Inspectors will also analyze a home’s mechanical and structural systems and alert potential buyer’s of health and safety issues, areas that require a certain level of care or maintenance, or code violations. Certain code violations are not uncommon in older homes, as many of these structures were often built before more recent changes in building codes.

Given the age of many midwestern houses, a St. Louis home inspector is an instrumental tool or anyone looking to purchase a new home. In addition to being familiar with the area and neighboring buildings, many local inspectors can also notify buyers of local codes that may impact how a future owner can develop or improve their home. Further, a local inspector can effectively provide a life expectancy for certain items as well as suggest the best ways for a homeowner to upgrade or repair their new purchase.

The nominal price you will pay for a thorough St. Louis home inspector will pay dividends long after your move-in date. A short-term investment in a comprehensive home inspection will prove well worth the cost of preventing the headache of unforeseen repairs and their accompanying maintenance fees. Ultimately, hiring a St. Louis home inspector can be the difference in preventing your new dream investment from becoming a nightmare.

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