A home inspection serves as an essential tool to examine the overall condition of a house. Professional home inspectors are trained to catch nearly all repair needs in the various systems of a home, but what exactly are they looking for? By systematically working their way through a house, home inspectors can analyze the structure’s integrated parts and make suggestions on what may need a little added attention. Below are five common items a strong St. Louis home inspector will include in their examination.

Structural Inspection

A quality home inspector will spend a significant amount of time examining the overall structure of your home. The foundation, siding, porches, crawl spaces, and roof of a home can hold many secrets. By investigating these areas, a professional is made aware of the underlying structural condition of your home. Questionable rooflines, damaged siding, signs of pests, water damage or leakage, mold, and cracking floors are all exposed through a structural inspection.

Roofing Inspection

Roofing is an essential inspection point, as potential problems on a roof could lead to major interior issues if not dealt with appropriately. Each inspector has their own way of examining a structure’s roof, but all inspectors should be noting loose or missing shingles, overhanging tree limbs, gutter and drain security and durability, and the sturdiness of any chimneys, vents, or other structures.

3872_wpm_hiresPlumbing Inspection

Problems with plumbing or water can lead to major issues within a home. For this reason, inspectors will preform thorough plumbing exams and check things such as piping, water pressure, and the water heating equipment. While doing so inspectors will keep a keen eye out for leaks and mineral deposits.

Electrical Systems Inspection

Electrical issues can be costly and dangerous. When conducting a thorough home inspection, professionals will examine all they can to make sure the electrical system in your house is operating properly. Typically this includes looking for hazardous aluminum wiring, ensuring that there is adequate grounding, testing switches and outlets, and checking that the electrical is properly wired.

Heating and Air Conditioning Inspection

Homes with dysfunctional heating or air conditioning systems can be borderline unlivable if moved into during the peak summer or winter months. Professional home inspectors are well aware of this and will check to make sure that the entire system operates effectively and that all of its adjacent parts (pipes, filters, etc.) are in working order.

In addition to these five major items, most professional home inspectors will also examine your home for ventilation issues, potential threats from the external environment, working appliances, and a general examination of the condition and integrity of interior characteristics such as stairs, cabinets, countertops, and baseboards. By hiring a professional St. Louis home inspector, you will know more about your new home than you ever thought possible. Call Steve McNemee at 636-936-8706 to schedule your home inspection appointment today.