Purchasing a new home is anything but a one step process, and it can get overwhelming as the paperwork, phone calls, and house visits begin to pile up.  Every step in the procedure is important for its own reasons, yet if there is one step not to skip it is the home inspection.  Home inspections provide you with vital information on what could very well be the biggest investment of your life, and these inspections should be taken very seriously.  The following reasons outline why skipping a home inspection would be a major mistake as you jump through the hoops of purchasing your new St. Louis home.



Professional home inspectors are experienced in examining the various systems of your new house.  By skipping the home inspection, you could be putting your family and self in danger.  While also noting less urgent areas that may need repair, inspectors can also catch threatening structural, ventilation, mold, or carbon monoxide issues.


Predict Future Costs

A thorough home inspector will identify all areas of your home that will require both immediate and eventual attention.  If you decide to purchase your new home, you will be able to fix the urgent repairs immediately while also having an idea of what level of maintenance may be required in the near or distant future.


Negotiating Tool

If you are a savvy homebuyer, you will have your potential investment inspected before any payments are made.  After an inspection is complete your thoughts and ideas of the condition and worth of your new home may change.  Because you went through a home inspection, you now may have the opportunity to negotiate for the seller to make repairs or reduce the price of the home to account for any inspector-identified repairs.


Learning from Your Inspector

Professional home inspectors are professionals for a reason.  They have certifications and experience to back up the advice they are giving you, and by getting a home inspection you have the invaluable opportunity to learn home maintenance tips from your inspector.  Inspectors can provide tips, recommend maintenance workers or companies, and even give repair quotes that could prove to save you a lot of money in the long run.


Provide a Reality Check

It is not uncommon for potential homebuyers to fall in love with a perceived dream home.  A home inspection, however, can reveal underlying issues that may serve as a reality check.  Even if a home is outwardly desirable, a home inspector can save you years of heartache by providing a reality check if the building’s structure and/or systems prove less than desirable.


The world of house shopping requires buyers to be thorough throughout the process.  It can be easy to disregard certain steps but if there is one thing every homebuyer should invest in it is a professional home inspector.  In the moment it may seem like one more hurdle to jump over, but in the end you will be thankful you received a professional home inspection.